Advantages of wood stoves

Use as a primary heat source where you spend most of your time.

Locate toward the center of the home for the best heat distribution.

Works great in a family room or daylight basement.

The chimney needs to go above the roof line.

Wood Stoves...

Avalon Spokane 1750 Wood Stove

On a budget or looking for a lower cost wood stove? The new Spokane 1750 wood stove from Avalon is the perfect choice.

The Spokane 1750 is perfect for zone heating. Avalon engineers have managed to produce a low cost wood stove with the great performance and style you’ve come to expect from Avalon. No frills added. Just beautiful, radiant heat.

The Spokane 1750 features a large cooktop surface and has a choice of sculptured legs or pedestal. Add the optional 160 CFM fan to enhance the transfer of radiant heat into your home.

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Avalon Rainier Wood Stove

With its unique heat transfer system and elegant design, the Rainier towers above other stoves in its class.

Featuring both radiant surfaces and a convection heat exchanger, the Rainier can heat up to a 1,800-sq. ft. home. The Rainier’s large firebox can handle logs up to 20” long- great for overnight burns, yet still one of the most efficient medium-size stoves ever tested.

The Rainier is also remarkably easy to operate and maintain. A single air control adjusts heat output, and the optional pedestal base features a huge ashpan to minimize ash removal between burns.

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Avalon Arbor Wood Stove

The Arbor™ wood stove was developed from a passion for life and reflecting the vitality of the natural world.

Emphasizing beauty and harmony, the Arbor has the subtle artistic detail of cast cherry blossoms and large double doors with 190 square inches of ceramic glass.

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Grandview 230 from Lennox Country Collection

As elegant as it is efficient, the Grandview™ 230 wood-burning stove raises the standard for home heating.

Expansive, durable ceramic glass gives you unobstructed views of the fire and allows for easy heat transfer.

An advanced refractory system helps put more heat into the room -and less up the chimney- delivering the perfect amount of radiant heat to create a cozy atmosphere.

And a wide array of high-quality, versatile styling options means that the Grandview will easily complement any décor.

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Above are just a few of the wood stoves that we offer and install.

Visit our Vendor's sites below to see a more complete collection of the available wood stoves to choose from. We pretty much offer and install all of our vendor's products.

There may be different options for each available wood stove. Please contact us to discuss all of the possible options for any model(s) you may have in mind.

Thank you.